Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Summer Goals

I think I am too hard on myslef when it comes to setting goals.  I've decided to set some goals that will aid me on my adventure to learn new things, grow spiritually, and have a happy summer and overall life.  I just thought I'd share what some of mine are with you, if you have any summer goals, I'd love to hear them.  I wrote this in third person for the sake of sounding poetic. 

Give something to someone, just because
Send someone an encouraging note
Take a minute when you’re really busy to just play with the dog
Send someone an encouraging note, in the mail
Walk up and down the driveway
Be nice when you don’t want to
Ask God for help
Don’t spend money on stupid things
Learn to do something new
Really try to get out of debt
Talk on the phone
Spend time with your family
Make new friends
Try new recipes
Cook for others
Get rid of junk you don’t need
Support your neighbors, buy local
Buy Flowers for yourself
Go fishing
Grow Something


  1. i love lists and goals! i'm going to: (1) have as many yard sales as possible until i can call myself a minimalist (2) find a job that benefits me (3) ride my bike (4) write letters (5) write in general (6) go swimming (7) go to drive in movies (8) take photos of everything

  2. Aww...Love your goals Kynnie! I might have to do a few of those things myself. Being a minimalist would be terrific. Hubby on the other hand would prefer to do the opposite...I'm praying we find some middle ground! Also, if they have any "free sales" in Minni, I would check those out, you can get rid of junk you don't want and get some stuff you need.