Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Operation Clean House

Those of you who know me well know that I've never cared too much for housework, you would know this by being allowed in my house.  After going to school at night and working two jobs for who knows how long, I always said I just didn't have the time.  Well, now I am a graduate (two times) and have only one job (for right now anyway) and I even get to work from home, so my house is yeah right.  I do, however, have the energy to do something about it now! 

I haven't been cooking much lately so I haven't posted in awhile, is because my kitchen is under construction, as in, I have no electricity in my kitchen, (the other reason is because I was on a 7 day cruise, but I'll blog about that later!), so I cannot therefore cook.  As I haven't been cooking I've been exploring some other areas of my home and have discovered that they are quite messy!  So, I've been occupying my time with getting things cleaned up.  One thing about cleaning have to keep doing it!  Seems like I could just follow DH around and pick up after him and not get anything else done! 

If any of you have struggled with this and worked through it, I'd be happy to hear how you've done.  Anything from sharing your daily/weekly cleaning schedules with me to ways you got your hubby on board would be fantastic.  Lots of the articles I've found on-line are for families with children.  We are a child-free home, (we do have a little Jack Russell Terror, I mean Terrier).  Soon I will be sharing with you what 'm doing to cut down the clutter and get my hubby on board.

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